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This guide will show the steps you will need to follow when creating a Click based Audience:

To create a new audience select the 'Create Audience' button under the Audiences drop down on the left.

Select Click under the 'What do you want to track?' then select the folder/website you wish the audience to appear in and define the following: 


1. Under Audience Name you will need to select a suitable name for your audience. e.g. lets imagine you wish to measure users that visit via an offsite cross promotion banner, hosted on a partner site. You can also use this feature to measure email click through and any click through on your site that leads away from your domain.

2. Add any additional information here that will help you to identify this audience should you need to

3. Here you can select a new Jump URL or use an existing URL that you have previously generated. If you select an existing URL then your code will generate as the Target URL is already present. If you would like to build a new click through then you will need to paste the resulting landing page of the click you wish to measure into the 'Target URL' box. This will produce a click through URL that will need to be placed on the click through of the clicks you are wishing to measure.

4. If available in your account you will also be able to filter this audience by country of location

Click 'Create Audience' to save your selection


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