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This guide will show the steps you will need to follow when creating an E-Commerce based Audience. It is based on the assumption that your E-commerce tagging is fully setup across the funnel, including basket activity. This feature is also fully functional when all parameters, such as product categories and names are passed via the pixel setup. If you are unsure if your setup includes all of the above then please get in contact with your VDNA Account Manager

To create a new audience select the 'Create Audience' button under the Audiences drop down on the left.

Select E-Commerce under the 'What do you want to track?' then select the folder/website you wish the audience to appear in and define the following: 


1. Under Audience Name you will need to select a suitable name for your audience. e.g. lets imagine you wish to measure users that purchase the top 25% of your revenue. 

2. Add any additional information here that will help you to identify this audience should you need to

3. In this section you can select a number of options to make your audience more granular. 

The first selection lets you build an audience based on whether they purchase or whether they have added products to the basket, but have failed to complete the purchase 'abandoners'

The second selection enables you to filter your purchasing or abandoning audience by Specific products/categories or to not filter at all e.g. Everything = all purchases or abandonments. 

If you select Specific Products or Product categories you are able to manually type in each value by pressing return after each entry into the box on the left. If you have a long list then you can build either a horizontal CSV or TSV and import these in via the 'upload CSV or TSV button'

When importing product or category lists you will need to ensure that the values you are using are the same values that are being captured by our tagging. If you are unsure, please get in contact with your VDNA Account Manager. 

The third selection enables you to filter by the value of the purchase or abandonment. Here you can enter a value of your choice in the currency of your choice via the drop down selection at the bottom. If you select Top 25% Only you will build an audience that are of the top 25% highest basket values e.g. your best customers.

4. If available in your account you will also be able to filter this audience by country of location and by the page or section of your site. If you have multiple websites in your account, this can be used to filter this measurement down by one of your sites or all if left blank.

Click 'Create Audience' to save your selection


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