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This guide will show the steps you will need to follow when creating a URL based Audience:

To create a new audience select the 'Create Audience' button under the Audiences drop down on the left.

Select URL under the 'What do you want to track?' then select the folder/website you wish the audience to appear in and define the following: 


1. Under Audience Name you will need to select a suitable name for your audience. e.g. lets imagine you wish to measure users that visit the 'glasses' section of your site.

2. Add any additional information here that will help you to identify this audience should you need to

3. In this section you will need to add the URL of your site that defines this section of the site e.g. 


There are a number of 'matching criteria' options that you can use to give you maximum flexibility when defining your audiences based on the build of the URL:

Here are examples of how you would use the matching criteria with different parts of the URL value to achieve the desired result. If your site URL structure isn't as logical or you'd like to group a number of URLs into one audience then there may be a common factor in all of the urls that you can use the below rules to match against.


exactly matches = http://www.website.com/products/glasses-section

begins with = http://www.website.com/products/glasses

ends with = products/glasses

contains = glasses


There is also the option of using 'matches regex'. Please consult your VDNA Account Manager if none of the standard rules above can achieve the desired result and we may be able to produce a regex based rule instead.

4. If available in your account you will also be able to filter this audience by country of location

Click 'Create Audience' to save your selection


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