How to Deploy the Audience Analytics Tag (AAT) using the TagMan TMSFollow

Within TagMan we have a number of certified "templates" that ensure an easy and hassle free deployment.

This guide will explain how to deploy the Audience Analytics Tag - Also known as "Tracking Page Views" within the TagMan library.


1. Login to your TagMan account at

2. Select the Manage option in the top menu and find the 'Search Tags' feature

3. Once in search, type the term Visual to reveal all the current certified templates

4. Select the VisualDNA template called "Tracking Page Views" and click the '+Add' button

5. Select the containers you wish this tag to fire within. We suggest that this tag is fired across the whole of your website. You can achieve this quickly in TagMan by selecting "or on every container" slider to the right of the container menu

6. In the parameters section you will need to fill out one parameter "API Key" Set this to static and paste in the API Key that should have been supplied by your Account Manager.

7. Select the 'Save' button.

8. Deploy tag to the TagMan staging server and follow your standard testing procedures before pushing to live.





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