How to track custom (click) interaction eventsFollow

If you are implementing the tags via a Tag Management Solution such as TagMan, Opentag or similar then please refer to the relevant guide here:

Implementing via a TMS


Please contact your account manager for the following values needed to populate the following parameters:

  • Your API KEY
  • Your INTERACTION_ID specific to the event you want to track

Substitute both values in the follow code snippet and fire it when the event takes place


<!-- VDNA Conversion Pixel -->
(function(){function e(){(new Image).src="//{VISUALDNA_API_KEY}&id={INTERACTION_ID}&bust="+Math.random()}if(window.addEventListener)
{window.addEventListener('load',e,false)}else if(window.attachEvent){window.attachEvent('onload',e)}})()
<img width="1" height="1" alt="" aria-hidden="true" src="//{VISUALDNA_API_KEY}&id={INTERACTION_ID}" />

<!-- VDNA Conversion Pixel -->

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