How to track custom (click) interaction events in the TagMan TMSFollow

Custom Event Pixel Tag

This tag can be implemented via TagMan to capture non product/transaction based events such as button clicks that are not covered by the basket tags e.g. A download of a PDF Brochure, an interaction with a feature onsite that doesn't reload the page or redirect to a new URL.


1. Login to your TagMan account at

2. Go to 'Manage' and use the 'Search Tags' feature.

3. Search the term 'Visual' and select the VisualDNA 'Custom Event Pixel Tag' by clicking '+Add'

4. In 'containers' select any containers that encompass pages that feature the event that you wish to track. e.g. search results pages and/or product pages, home page etc

5. Fill in the parameters required:

API KEY - Switch to static and paste in the API Key that has been supplied by your VDNA Account Manager

INTERACTION ID - This value is produced when you setup the conversion based segment within the WHY platform. Once you have named your conversion when adding the new segment in WHY you will be able to save this and then click the '</>' next to that segment when it is listed in the left navigation. Within the code there will be a parameter called &id=

Everything after that value will need to be copied and pasted into the parameter box in TagMan e.g. 


<!-- VDNA Conversion Pixel -->
(function(){function e(){(new Image).src="//"+Math.random()}if(window.addEventListener)
{window.addEventListener('load',e,false)}else if(window.attachEvent){window.attachEvent('onload',e)}})()
<img width="1" height="1" alt="" aria-hidden="true" src="//;id=campaign_action_501c5c15-401a-49a0-afb9-9f394aee92f7" />


6. Select 'Next' and open the details for 'Events' within the Conditions Tab.

7. Select an Event in the 'Event' Box that represents the action you are trying to track e.g. 'PDF Download' If you are unable to find a suitable event please get in touch with your TagMan Account Manager for advise on how to set one up.

8. Select the 'Save' button and deploy your tags through to staging, testing via your usual procedures before pushing live.




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