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The following snippet should be injected into all pages where a user enters an email address, logs in or registers. It will synchronise the VisualDNA cookie of the user with the hashed email address.
This code needs to be injected after the AAT code in the page and will not work without its presence.
  • Replace {API_KEY} with your API key
  • Replace  {EMAIL_HASH} with hashed email generated as described below

<script type="text/javascript">

    apiKey : "{API_KEY}",
    method : "reportConversion",
    args :[
            "partner_user_id": "{EMAIL_HASH}",
            "partner_user_id_type": "e"
Hash Generation
For privacy reasons, VisualDNA will only ever receive email addresses in a non­reversible hashed form. To generate an appropriate hash, follow these steps:
  1. Append your unique {PARTNER_SALT} to the email address value*
  2. MD5 the result.
Here is a test case, which should be used to verify your implementation:
  • PARTNER_SALT: kEstUThAFreFaceKUGuSTAjaxuwrufabrEt8ErAchuP6ThagEwAPraduBRA9ASPU
  • EXPECTED RESULT: d7e6f3b55922580ecb35fea206879a88


*If you haven't already received your unique partner salt then please contact your VisualDNA Account Manager


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