How to deploy the Audience Analytics Tag (AAT) Natively on your websiteFollow

If you are implementing the tag via a Tag Management Solution such as TagMan, Opentag or similar then please refer to the relevant guide here:

Implementing via a TMS



Deployment of VisualDNA Audience Analytics Tag is no different to deployment of any other web analytics code. Insert the code snippet as early as convenient in the page within <body></body> tags. The AAT loads asynchronously and also supports SSL pages.

Please login to WHYanalytics to locate the AAT tag code snipper for your site.


A guide on how to find the snippet can be found here:


It will look something like the following, with {VISUALDNA_API_KEY} replaced by your API Key.




<!-- VisualDNA Audience Analytics Tag -->

<script type="text/javascript">

    (function() {

        var s, e;

        s = document.createElement("script");

        s.src = "//";

        s.async = true;

        e = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];

        e.insertBefore(s, e.firstChild);

        this.VDNA = this.VDNA || {};

        this.VDNA.queue = this.VDNA.queue || [];




        apiKey : "{VISUALDNA_API_KEY}",

        method : "reportPageView"



<!-- End of VisualDNA Audience Analytics Tag -->





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