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If a brand deploys a VisualDNA tag on their site, they’ll be able to use WHY to define their audience, by volume and reach, against our segments.
If you’re an automotive brand, you would be able to find out which VisualDNA segments most closely match your audience, and therefore what segments to target and buy in order to reach that audience.
So for example, if a particular webpage is registering 85% Auto Intenders that means the majority of people visiting that page have expressed an interest in buying a car at some point, either directly through a VisualDNA quiz, or that their online behaviour (the sites they visit) reflects that of a VisualDNA quiz taker who has expressed this intent.
This creates an opportunity for advertisers to be really innovative in how they construct and run advertising campaigns – since they can reach their audience by understanding who they are and what they want, rather than relying just on demographic targeting or data on whatever webpages they happen to be looking at.
While the features in this initial release of the product are largely focused on helping publishers understand their visitors, raise the value of their inventories, and meet brand campaign briefs, we’re also working hard on launching more advertiser-oriented features in the near future.
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