What are ‘emotive segments’?Follow

Having collected data, created profiles and scaled these profiles across our network of 140m+ users, we divide this audience into specific groups that have certain characteristics. These characteristics are known as segments.
VisualDNA segments fall into one of three broad types, demographic (eg: married male, age 40-50), vertical intent (eg: Luxury Holiday Preferrer) and, now, emotive (e.g. Romantic Adventurers).
Within each type we have sub-categories – in the case of emotive data there are twelve broad categories, such as “State Of Mind”, “Openness” and “Neuroticism”. And within each category are segments – to reflect how “Open” any given person is.
Advertisers can then buy these segments – in effect a licence to reach those audiences – when they buy media. For a publisher, it’s a way of better understanding how your audience is comprised above and beyond traditional metrics.
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