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When you select 'Segmentation' you can get started by either
  • Searching for a specific segment by typing and scrolling to see results across the entire VisualDNA segmentation; or 
  • Choosing a segment grouping (Emotive, Demographics, Verticals or Brands and preferences). 
When a keyword is submitted, for example 'Mortgage', the result is shown under it's respective taxonomy category (in this case 'Finance'). Click on a single segment to learn more about it.

You can also browse through available segments by a segment grouping. Click on the grouping type button (for example 'Demographics' ). Use the search box to find a segment you're looking for within the grouping. Toggle between reach, targetable page views and index to see which segments are the most prominent on your site and to see how your audience compares with your selected base ('Compare to' audience).
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