How do I find the Audience Analytics Tag (AAT)?Follow

1. Sign in into your WHY account

2. Click on 'Create Audience'  link under the Manage Audiences navigation on the left

3. Select 'URL' based audience and select the Audience Analytics Tag link within the message that is presented to the right:

NB: Make sure that the Audience Analytics Tag is pasted within the <body> </body> tags on the pages you want to track.

4. There you go! Your AAT will look something like this

<!-- VisualDNA Audience Analytics Tag -->

<script type="text/javascript">

    (function() {

        var s, e;

        s = document.createElement("script");

        s.src = "//";

        s.async = true;

        e = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];

        e.insertBefore(s, e.firstChild);

        this.VDNA = this.VDNA || {};

        this.VDNA.queue = this.VDNA.queue || [];




        apiKey : "{VISUALDNA_API_KEY}",

        method : "reportPageView"



<!-- End of VisualDNA Audience Analytics Tag -->

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