How to deploy the Audience Analytics Tag (AAT) using Google Tag ManagerFollow

1. Go to
2. Sign in
3. Select your Account
4. Select the desired container or create a new one
5. Add new tag
6. Choose a name (eg. WHYanalytics) 
7. Select 'Custom HTML Tag' from the Tag Type menu
8. Paste the 'Audience Analytics Tag' from your WHYanalytics account into the box. A guide on how to find the snippet can be found here:
You can leave the 'Support document.write' checkbox un-ticked
9. Click '+Add Rule to Fire Tag' to define the rule
10. Make sure 'All pages' checkbox is ticked and click 'Save'.
11. When the new rule appears within the Firing Rules click 'Save'.
12. The tag you've just created will appear within the 'Tag' section after which you'll need to create a version of the tag container.
13. When a new version of the tag container is created, you will be notified and a new version number will appear within the 'Versions' tab on the left.
14. All you need to do now is to 'Publish' this new version.
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