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There are 4 ways in which you can define and create an audience in WHY.

Below is a description of each and when you would use them. Click on each header title to view the instructions on how to set each of these up.

If your site already has VDNA fully installed (including e-commerce pixels), then most of the audiences you build will not require further pixel implementation. If in doubt, please contact your VDNA Account Manager.



A URL based audience is used for dividing page view based audiences into grouped sections of the site, such as 'product pages' or even individual pages of your website, such as  'FAQ page'. This audience grouping relies on the AAT analytics tag and doesn't require any further tagging once the audience has been created. Click here for a guide on how to use the flexibility of the tool to achieve the grouping you require.


A click based audience can be used to measure your audiences that arrive from external media e.g. you may wish to measure customers that have clicked through from a certain display, email campaign or cross site promotion. To do this you will need to produce an audience via this option which will produce a VDNA click through URL that will need to be added to the click through on the campaign you wish to measure. You can also use this feature to measure clicks on your website that lead the customer away from your website to landing pages that you aren't able to tag.  Click here for a guide on how to produce your unique click through.


The conversion audience can be used to group an audience by a conversion where no extra values such as order ref and value need to be passed. You can also use this audience grouping to measure when users convert in other ways where there isn't a new URL or internal page load e.g. when a user clicks a social action to share to Facebook etc. This option produces a new pixel that will need to be triggered on your site by the particular action or it will need to be loaded on the page that loads after the event e.g. the 'thank you' page. Click here for a guide on how to produce your unique pixel.


The E-commerce audience can be used to group your users by a number of metrics during your purchase funnel. e.g. customers that add to basket, customers that purchase. You can also use this option to drill even further. e.g. purchasers that only buy certain products or with basket values above '£50'. Once you have produced the audience it will generate a pixel that will need to be placed on your confirmation pages and/or basket pages. If you already have your ecommerce pixels setup previously then you can build these audiences without adding any further pixels to your site. Click here for a guide on how to build detailed e-commerce audiences


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