How can the audience data help brand campaigns?Follow

WHY can help brands and advertisers in two main ways.
First, when set up to track a brand’s website, WHY will reveal what audience segments – types of people – are visiting any given page at any given time, by volume. This makes it possible to structure a media campaign around those targeting segments.
So if WHY report “33% Freeview Watchers” or “66% Contented Optimists” for example this tells the brand that one in three of that website’s visitors are current Freeview customers, or two thirds of the audience are happy, glass-half-full people – valuable insight when planning a campaign.
Second, by being specific about both the segments and their volumes, it’s possible to construct a campaign around those attributes, rather than have to second-guess what sites those audiences are reading, or what demographic segments they fit.
WHY provides additional insights that will help campaign planning. And in future, we intend to introduce further features and products to make these insights immediately actionable.
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