How does the data compare to that from Experian, BlueKai and eXelate?Follow

VisualDNA’s approach to data collection and segment creation makes us different.
First, our quiz data is uniquely rich – we get deeper insight from the way people answer questions in a fun visual quiz context than we would from a traditional survey. The data is accurate and cohesive: we’re collecting all this information at the same time, from the same place. We don’t create segments by knitting together multiple third-party sources.
Second, the quiz approach allows us to collect emotive data and personality traits – something we don’t believe others are able to do as well.
And third, because we build and design the quizzes ourselves, we control every aspect of the process – collecting data, enriching it to create profiles, putting profiles into clearly-defined categories and segments, and making those segments available to advertisers.
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