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At VisualDNA we believe in helping people understand what happens to their data. Depending on the way your privacy policy is constructed, typically if you reference third party cookies by name, you may need to update your website’s privacy policy at the same time you put your AAT and transaction pixels down.

Compliance with all relevant data protection laws is the responsibility of the website owner, and although it’s up to each website owner to define the wording of their privacy policy we find that providing a suggested template helps our partners to speed up the process.



We use a tag of a third-party service provider, VisualDNA, to anonymously collect information about users' browsing activity on our website (this does not include names, addresses or any other personal information). This information is linked to a cookie that VisualDNA sets in your browser. This information allows us and VisualDNA to build a profile so that your online experience can be made more relevant to your specific interests. You have the right to opt out from VisualDNA's service by clicking here and choosing the ‘Cookie Settings’ option.

VisualDNA does not store or share personally identifiable information with any third party, other than in anonymised, aggregated form. To learn more, visit VisualDNA's privacy policy at and VisualDNA’s cookie policy at

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