What we do with the collected dataFollow

First of all, we do NOT sell the data we collect on to any third parties. It’s important to make the distinction between

  • the data we collect,
  • the profiles we create, and
  • the segments we sell.

The data we collect stays with us. We use it to create user profiles, which are then put into specific audience segments. The profiles we create, and the segments that they are then assigned into, are VisualDNA’s intellectual property.

Through our integration with media buying platforms, advertisers can buy media against these segments. Essentially, buying a segment is a licence to deliver an advert to anyone within that segment. This process is handled through APIs: code which enables us to create a link between the advertiser, publisher, media platform and the user through a common, anonymized segment without sharing or selling any actual data. This means no partner or user can be identified through our segments.

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